December Delights

December must be the most exciting month of the year.  This December was no exception.  Even though I find myself totally exhausted each night from special speaking events, shopping, entertaining, pulling out boxes of decoration and filling each room with them, returning boxes to the upstairs storage, and then trying to clean up the mess I’ve made, I still love to celebrate the birth of Christ with all the glitz and glamour I can find, in addition to family and friends coming and going.

Sometimes I need a special event held at our house for me to be motivated to get things done, even if I don’t feel in the mood for the chores somedays.  This year, I was to host our Lit Chicks for the December meeting.  I felt a great sense of satisfaction for accomplishing all the tasks on my list by the time the door bell rang with the first guest.  Appetizers were out and the meal in the oven filled the house with an inviting aroma.

All of the Lit Chicks made it for the meeting, plus one exciting guest.  Dan Griffin, author and producer from New York, graced us with his presence.  During the meal, we discussed several current topics, but mainly focused on what the sagging economy was doing to our nation and to each of us as individuals.  I commented, “I’m thankful my ultimate security doesn’t rest in material things.”  I had no more than gotten the sentence out of my mouth when I felt my ring as I do habitually.  I had a sinking feeling and thought, “This must be a test of what I just uttered.”  The diamond was missing from my ring.  We all searched the floor in vain.  “Oh well, it was a material thing,” I despaired.

After our lunch, we sat by the fire as we sipped our Russian tea and critiqued each others work and celebrated our accomplishments since our last meeting.  Although the loss of my ring overshadowed much of the joys of the day, I felt better when Steve returned home and assured me he had a rider for my diamond on our insurance.  What a smart fellow he is!

After the guests had left and the last dish was in the dishwasher, I knew it was time to get ready for the next round.  Kids and grands came and went from then until New Years Day.  What a great season, albeit an exhausting one.  I thank God for friends and family.  I also thank him for reminding me my security doesn’t depend on material things.

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