Muscadines and other tough things

October 2017 Anniston/Gadsden Christian Family Magazine

I thought I had completely lost my mind as I stood in my kitchen with every flat surface (and some not so flat) sticky with muscadine juice, sugar, purple hulls and such. Whatever possessed me to think I wanted to make muscadine preserves? This is not an easy task –  squirt the pulp from the […]

Wrinkles are like a soldier’s stripes

September 2017 Anniston/Gadsden Holy Humor article

“Thanks, Barbara. Don’t we all wish we could erase half a century from our face!” “Oh, no. Life has been too complicated to want to erase even one flaw. Those wrinkles are like a soldier’s stripes. I’ve earned every one of them. I can almost name my wrinkles according to their cause and remember the […]

The Importance of a name

August 2017 article for my Holy Humor column in Anniston/Gadsden Christian Family Magazine

Granny, Gram, Nana, Grandmother – I don’t care what my grandchildren call me, just as long as they DO call. At times, I have the fleeting thought that grandmothers have already outlived their usefulness for the family, but God quickly reminds me that as long as he keeps giving us breath for the day, he […]

Wedding Vows – You mean they are for real

“You mean those words we repeated during our wedding ceremony are for real? Surely we aren’t supposed to be tied to them, are we?” I’m afraid this permeates the attitude of many couples today.  Months of planning go into weddings; vast amounts of money are spent, but for many couples the vows repeated mean nothing. […]

Pruning the Heart

April 2017 article for Anniston/ Gadsden Christian Family Magazine

  Isn’t it funny how God uses opposites?  I was reminded today that it is time to cut back my hydrangeas.  Last fall, my son cut back my bushes out front until they were ugly nubs (I thought he had killed them, for sure), but you know what? Today they are sprouting new growth. My […]