Children’s Mishaps Bring Humor February 2014 Ann./Gad. Holy Humor

I have friends who are forever posting or telling me about frustrating, crisis moments with their children which they face with a sense of humor. Here is a choice one: Gretchen Springfield Pierce says: I completely lost my mind, and I thought taking the girls to Walmart to get groceries by myself was a good […]

Make plans to come to book signing

I will be signing all of my books at Little Profesor’s Books in Homewood, Alabama, from 1 – 3 PM, February 15, 2014.  Please come by and peruse the books.  (See speaking schedule for more info.)

Speaking for Pastors’ and Wives’ Banquet

Speaking for Pastors’ and Wives’ Banquet for Sand Mountain Association February 14, 2014 will be great fun.