Muscadines and other tough things

October 2017 Anniston/Gadsden Christian Family Magazine

I thought I had completely lost my mind as I stood in my kitchen with every flat surface (and some not so flat) sticky with muscadine juice, sugar, purple hulls and such. Whatever possessed me to think I wanted to make muscadine preserves? This is not an easy task –  squirt the pulp from the […]

Wrinkles are like a soldier’s stripes

September 2017 Anniston/Gadsden Holy Humor article

“Thanks, Barbara. Don’t we all wish we could erase half a century from our face!” “Oh, no. Life has been too complicated to want to erase even one flaw. Those wrinkles are like a soldier’s stripes. I’ve earned every one of them. I can almost name my wrinkles according to their cause and remember the […]