If you are in trouble, just yell for help

Nov. issue 2016

As Thanksgiving approaches once again, a plethora of life happenings flood my mind for which I’m thankful.  When I ask at our Thanksgiving table each year for each person to say something for which he/she is thankful, it probably sounds much like it would at your house – family, health, comforts of home, finances, and […]

Life is like a quilt

Life is like a patchwork quilt.  Each piece by itself doesn’t mean much, but when it is finished, the masterplan is revealed. Putting one piece together with another and just keeping on, putting one day together with the next and keep walking in faith make something beautiful. Since my husband’s death, I’ve looked at the […]

Bucket List

Zip Line Disaster

Got a bucket list? I do: go parasailing, do a good zip line, jump out of an airplane, travel more and a few other   ridiculous thing. I’ve been parasailing.  That was a walk in the park.  I’m not afraid of heights, the view was beautiful, and the landing back on the boat was as easy […]

Blessed by two great men

June 19 holds special significance for me, especially this year. I married the love of my life June 19, 1958.  I was old – NOT.  I thought I was very mature but actually was only fifteen. These days my sweet husband could be arrested for marrying “a child.”  The naysayers were really surprised when our […]

My Funny, Fabulous Mom

At our family get-togethers, often someone will tell something funny my mother did or said. I join in with the many humorous things I remember, but I would be amiss if I neglected to share just how fabulous she was. Mom knew how to make something beautiful from near nothing. She made clothes for my […]

A Strange Blindness

Beautiful sunshine, an array of colorful blooms, the variety of greens – azure, forrest, mint, ochre – filling the landscape, birds dressed in reds and blues – these all are harbingers of spring and announce new life, just as Easter echoes, “He is Risen.” God, our creator, gives us many messages of His existence, but […]