Unrealistic Resolutions

I’m going to exercise every day this new year; I won’t be judgmental this year; I’m going to church every Sunday; I’m quitting smoking; I resolve not to drink this year. On and on it goes as people make promises they are unlikely to keep for a month, much less a year. My goal for 2015 was to pray for the President every time I wanted to criticize him. Do you think I kept that one? Not quite, even though I did better than I would have if I hadn’t made that commitment. Some resolutions are unrealistic; some, people never plan to keep in the first place.

One friend resolved to quit using bad language. Just on the hills of that, she said, “OMG, I forgot and said ‘sh..‘.”

My response was, “Are you praying?”

“Well, no. Why do you ask?” she responded.

When you use my God’s name in vain, you had better be. Remember, OMG stands for ‘Oh, my God.’”

“I didn’t realize OMG was that.”

One child said a bad word recently, and her father scolded, “We don’t use that word in this house.”

The little girl said, “Well, can I go on the porch and say it?” I don’t think that went over too well with her dad.

I heard of one who said her goal was to lose 25 lbs. in 2015. A few days ago she gave an update and said she only had 30 lbs. to go.

One guy resolved not to drink alcohol in 2015 and kept his promise. (Come to think of it, that may be my resolution for 2016, since I’m a tee-totaler anyway .)

A number of years ago, a group of women agreed to meet every Monday for a year to pray for their adolescent children. When it came one ladies time to pray, she sat for a long time with her head down. The others thought she was having an emotional moment and gave her time. Finally, the lady next to her saw she had fallen asleep and punched her. I guess that gives a new meaning to growing weary in well-doing.

Let’s think of realistic goals for 2016 – ones we can keep. I believe a starter would be to keep the Ten Commandments. Another good one would be to keep a positive attitude. Perhaps one of the best would be to pray more. Set a plan for that. When I’m waiting at a long red light, I try to pray for my family – each one by name. Pray for those who cut you off in traffic or almost pull into you. An important one this year is to pray for those who lead us in government and those presidential candidates who are trying to get our votes, and for them to keep the Ten Commandments (especially the one about lying). Ask the Lord to show you areas of your life that need improvement, and ask HIM to help you keep your promise to change those bad habits.

Perhaps we need to consider Matthew 5:44 for our 2016 resolution.

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

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