I am a “Lit Chick”

After teaching English/journalism for 35 years, I didn’t retire; I simply reengaged. My first after-teaching goal was to get my first book published. With the Lord’s help, that was accomplished Dec. 2004 when “Humorous Happenings in Holy Places” (Tate Publishing) hit the market. Not only did that serve to respark my desire to write, it alsoopened up a speaking career for me. I’ve averaged one event a week since then. My second book, “And the Angels Laughed“, is also published by Tate. Both will be available as audio books.


I traveled to Mustang, Oklahoma, to the Tate Out-Loud studio the week of August 14th to voice both books. What an exciting time! What supercedes the joy of seeing my own words published is the joy this has brought to my family, especially to my eight grandchildren, who have supplied some of the funny happenings for both books. I’ve tried my hand, since finishing the two devotional book, writing fiction. I’ve completed my first novel, A Web Too Tight. At each meeting of the Lit Chicks, I share with them a chapter or two. If the rest of the world meets it with their enthusiasm, it will be a best seller.

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