Enjoying Fall and Funnies

October 2015 Issue

This gorgeous, refreshing fall weather calls me to my front porch. I’ve declared it my outside prayer closet. Occasionally, I take a break from praying, bible reading and porch-sitting to come in for a bite to eat and to catch up with everyone on Facebook. I often get belly laughs at some of the posts. This was one of those.

Some relatives kept all their grandchildren on a recent weekend. After the grandmother posted some of the gaffes in getting them all dressed for church, people inquired as to whether they made it home with all of them. The grandad confirmed they did but added, “We did lose one for a little while.” The grandmother concluded the list of struggles by saying, “and on top of all that, we left Dejia’s coat in the ‘misery’.” I laughed and corrected “nursery????” She replied, “Well, it was misery this morning.” She must have had nursery duty that day. I guess allowing grandparents the full charge of grandchildren is a new way of celebrating Grandparents’ Day.

This word confusion reminded me of our seminary days. When one of the seminary students would go out to a rural church to preach, more than once he would be introduced and then it would be explained that he was a “preacher boy” from Southwestern “Cemetery.” When he reported back to campus and told his friends, one commented, “That may be truer than we realize. Going to classes in the morning and then working night shift may kill us all before we leave this place.”

My husband brought one of his preacher friends to my parents’ house one day. Mother proudly showed him her handiwork. She had made a lovely, well-crafted afghan. After bragging on it, the friend added, “My wife Reber (Reba) has one of them. She has stayed on the couch under that african (afghan) until it’s affected her mind.” He did play up his country act and exaggerate just a bit.

Well, I guess it’s back to the porch I go. Today my prayer emphasis will be for grandparents, ministerial students and preachers. What about yours?


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