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Love and laughter with the Lord

Looking out over gorgeous Guntersville Lake from the heights of Guntersville State Park’s Goldenrod Conference Room March 5 and 6, 2016, the Lord’s presence filled the room. As I shared with the delightful ladies from Covenant Presbyterian, Huntsville, Al, the Holy Spirit united us in love and laughter. I spoke on Faith the falters; Faith that follows; and Faith that finishes, and God blessed my efforts.  In addition to my sharing both humorous events and inspiration, these ladies had a few shenanigans of their own planned.  The “fashion show” was a hoot.  The after session fellowships are too funny (and private) to be discussed.

Humor always seems to track me down wherever I go.  This was no exception.  Having just returned from the Holy Land trip where I had walked 3 1/2 – 4  miles a day, up and down steps and hills, my arthritic knees were much inflamed.  A true Southern lady is not to be deterred by such an inconvenience.  Sunday morning I dressed for the session and didn’t fail to put on some dress shoes with a little heel.  My pants suit for the day was appropriate.  The only problem was a side zipper on the pants (I hate those.)  We were to load our cars and vacate our rooms before breakfast.  I was all packed and ready to load.  I had but 6 steps to get up to the parking lot, so like a pack mule, I trudged out with suitcase, purse, bags of stuff and such.  Just as I started to navigate those steps, I realized my zipper had slid down. I must have been a pitiful sight dragging that suitcase, walking spraddled-leg to keep my pants from falling down and attempting to go up those stairs on sore knees. A man appeared from out of nowhere, maybe an angel from God, and said, “Ma’am, let me help you with that suitcase.”  I said, “You are truly a Godsend.”  I wanted to add, “But hurry up and get away before my falling pants embarrass us both.”  Thankfully, he left in the nick of time. I waddled to the car and saved my pants.

Oh, how the Lord blesses us when we allow Him too with Love and laughter.

Covenant Presbyterian Ladies

Covenant Presbyterian Ladies

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