Joy Amidst Sorrow

Written for Anniston/Gadsden Christian Family Magazine

February 2015 Issue


My column will never be quite as good, ever again. The reason? My best editor, the love of my life, my best friend, my sweet husband of 56 years met Jesus face-to-face Dec. 27, 2014. He was my cheerleader, advisor and reader of every word I wrote. Thank you, Steve Eubanks, for always telling me I could do it – whatever the “it” might have been at the time.

Since his passing, days with family and friends have been filled with tears, laughter, memories, and joy. I’ve attested for years that happiness and joy are not dependent on circumstances, but on attitude. That premise has been tested greatly lately, but I still affirm its truth. God is good – all the time.

Even during the events surrounding Steve’s death our family found things to laugh about. We were with our son Steve Jr. and his family in Florida. At meal time the day before he passed, we were discussing some of his health issues. Without meaning to, we were talking as though he wasn’t at the table with us. Finally he spoke up, and with his sweet grin, said, “Folks, I’m not dead yet; I’m sitting right here.”

Steve Jr.’s family has a tradition on Christmas Eve of celebrating with thrifty Santa. Ridiculous outfits bought at thrift stores are given to everyone present. We enjoyed many laughs as each one held up or modeled his/her “outfits.” To add to the humor, they have a stuffed human-like doll with a terrible mask. They had him sitting on the sofa in a Santa suit, holding a toy machine gun as though he was guarding the Christmas tree. In Winter Park, Florida, the police also come to the house when the EMTs are called. After the chaos of the house filling with all who responded, our granddaughter spotted Santa with the machine gun and was afraid the police would mistake him for a real threatening person. She grabbed his head off, took the machine gun from his hands and threw them under the sofa. She probably saved a police shootout.

Humor oils the grief process and helps us through it. Certainly, we have had our gloomy days and tears, but I can truly testify that the Holy Comforter has been by my side and the prayers and expressions of care of family and friends have made my days bearable and have brought joy and peace amidst the sadness.

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